What sets podcast advertising apart: Knowledge is power
Connor Finnerty
Podcast ads are considered more informative than ads on AM/FM radio, TV, online video or social media. But why? In the second installment of our 5-part blog series, we're reviewing what drives podcast listeners to tune in and how their media habits affect ad recall.

April 5, 2023

The major goal of advertising is to have more people learn about your product so they will buy it next time they have a need. Any medium that can get your brand’s message across most effectively is a good investment.

Podcast ads are more informative than other ad types

The Infinite Dial report asked monthly podcast listeners their reasons for listening to podcasts, and the top reason (at 74%) was “to learn new things.” Whether it’s history, current events, true stories, their favorite hobby, or a new brand or product mentioned in an ad, listeners tune in to learn new things and expand their knowledge.

This affinity for learning makes podcast audiences primed to take in new information, which presents a great opportunity for brands to reach new potential customers. Podcast advertising helps consumers remember your brand. According to Podnews, 67% of podcast listeners can accurately recall products and brands that they heard in podcast advertisements. By contrast, only 14% were able to recall the latest display ad they had seen.

Engagement leads to recall

Listeners find podcast ads more informative because they are more engaged with podcasts than with other mediums. In the same article from Podnews, 71% of respondents demonstrated much higher levels of concentration while listening to podcasts than while watching TV shows (56%) or posting on social media (50%). If listeners are paying more attention, then they’re learning more from what they hear.

An audio medium like podcasting is a vital tool in helping consumers remember your brand and engage with your message. And as we’ll see, marketers are facing more challenges and competition for consumers' attention. Tune in next week for the third installment in our series, Captivating Listeners.

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