What sets podcast advertising apart
Connor Finnerty
Despite recent looming headlines, podcasting is a strong medium with a bright future. In a new 5-part series, we’re illustrating why advertisers should consider podcast advertising when building a media strategy, based on research from Signal Hill Insights. Read our latest blog post for the first installment.

March 30, 2023

Despite recent looming headlines, podcasting is a strong medium with a bright future. The 2023 Infinite Dial noted that podcasting has reached new heights of popularity, with almost 90 million Americans (31% of the United States), listening to podcasts every week. Podcasting’s audience is massive and dedicated, with weekly listeners in the U.S. averaging 9 podcast episodes a week. Clearly, podcast audiences are still tuning in.  

Why podcasting stands out

Podcasting’s large, dedicated audience makes it enticing for advertisers, which has resulted in billions of dollars in ad revenue, setting up the industry for success. But most entertainment advertising mediums have large audiences—what makes podcasting stand out from the rest?  

To understand, we must discover why podcast listeners love it so much. A recent survey from Signal Hill Insights asked 1,500 podcast listeners about their opinion of podcasting versus other entertainment mediums such as TV, social media, and online videos. Respondents were asked about particular advertising mediums and what core attributes they associated with them.   

Although podcast ads are viewed as similarly repetitive as other mediums (a danger we've mentioned before), podcast ads stand out from all others in the following attributes:   

· Informative (41%higher than any other medium) 

· Interesting (47%higher than any other medium) 

· Relevant (41% higher than any other medium)  

· Trustworthy (50% higher than any other medium)

What does this mean for advertisers?

But why are podcast ads viewed so highly in all these attributes? And what does that say about the medium, the audience, and how advertisers must adapt moving forward?   

In a new 5-part series, we’ll be diving in to illustrate why advertisers should consider these attributes when building a media strategy. Stay tuned for the second part in our series, Knowledge is Power – next week.

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