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November 1, 2022


The podcast landscape is changing. Networks are consolidating rapidly, at the expense of creator’s independence. While advertising at scale is easier than ever before, the most fruitful advertising partnerships are the ones that pair brands with powerful stories told by independent voices. But in this environment of rapid consolidation, it has become increasingly difficult for independent creators to compete. Original thinkers are being exploited, diluted, and muted when their stories should be nurtured, shared, and scaled. 

Let’s change things for the better. We should be celebrating new concepts and encouraging curious minds; enabling rich and varied voices to rise freely.

We have a passion for premium audio and rich, authentic storytelling. Our organization has one simple but significant premise: that audio is powerful. This is a medium like no other; an intimate connection between speaker and listener. Podcasts unite communities around passions. Their stories open minds, change perspectives, and shape worlds. They allow us to escape, to imagine, to explore the unknown.

As passionate listeners and longtime supporters of purpose-driven media, we are forging a new way amid consolidation and commoditization from commercial competitors. Now is the time for a supportive space where culture-driving voices grow together. 

We are Soundrise.

Soundrise is an ever-growing alliance of purpose-driven podcasts, representing a new model for creators—one with sustainable revenue growth without the pressure to conform to the standards of commercial media companies.

We’ve been in podcasting since the beginning—our team were some of the first to champion podcast advertising in the industry. Our collective is a family of rich and varied voices, united by our dedication to creativity and innovation. We match advertisers with shows who are a good fit, amplifying thought provoking stories while bolstering brands through an intimate audience connection.

Our mission is to unite and ignite original thinkers. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that not only sustains the purpose-driven media of today but creates fertile ground to incubate and nurture the leading voices of tomorrow.


Our new logo

Our Logo

We believe in the power of spoken word as a positive force. That’s the Sound in Soundrise. Rise is about elevating premium audio and its independent creators. It’s about growth and improvement. Our brand is designed to lift our partners' brands and shine a light on their important work.

Our new mark, the Echo

The Echo

Our mark, known as “The Echo”, provides a constant visual reference to our brand strategy of amplifying important journalism and meaningful storytelling. In the right conditions, a message can travel incredible distances, gaining volume and impact as it does. 

Signature “Together, we” Statements

Together, we rise. As a whole, we are greater than the sum of our individual parts. Our commitments are not only to ourselves but to each other—and to the future of audio. 

The tagline “Independent Together” is our rallying cry. It’s the message, movement, and model that catalyzes the brand. Independent Together reflects the most valuable and unique benefit our service offers—a bold and thriving creative class of independent storytellers.

A selection of our new brand colors and patterns.

Vibrant Colors

Our brand colors reflect the robust vibrancy and energy of the growing portfolio we support.


Check out the shows we proudly represent. Follow us for more updates on Twitter and LinkedIn. And if you want to be a part of the alliance we’re building together, we’d love to get to know you.

Together, we make a difference.

Many thanks to our strategic branding agency, Motto, and brand activation partner, work x work for bringing our brand to life.

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