Maximizing your brand's impact in podcast advertising
Bethany Shocki
In any podcast campaign, marketers must establish a strong brand presence on the shows they sponsor. Our latest blog post explores how to calculate and leverage Share of Voice (SOV), enhancing the impact of your campaigns and driving a positive ROI.

January 31, 2024

In any podcast campaign, it's crucial for marketers to establish a strong brand presence on the shows they sponsor. Creating a sense of “reach & frequency,” similar to traditional broadcast platforms, can significantly enhance the impact of your campaigns and drive a positive ROI. Let's explore how to calculate and leverage Share of Voice (SOV) for your podcast ad campaigns.

What Is Share of Voice (SOV)?

While SOV traditionally correlates with the number of advertising buys compared to competitors, in podcasting, especially with Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI), it's about how often your brand appears in monthly listening experiences (downloads) on a particular show. Ideally, for a podcast with one million Monthly Listening Experiences (MLEs), aim for a share between 25%-40% to avoid ad fatigue (too high) or being overlooked (too low).

Why Does Share of Voice Matter?

Podcast advertising is highly competitive, making it crucial to leverage your brand effectively. Knowing your SOV not only helps you consistently improve your advertising efforts but also allows you to gauge the competition. Regularly evaluating your SOV throughout the campaign is essential to stay ahead.

How Share of Voice Correlates to Traditional KPIs

With the effectiveness of podcast ads already established (31% of Americans listen to at least one podcast weekly), understanding your audience and finding the right cadence for your brand within a show or network is key. SOV helps measure the reach of your ads, allowing you to identify if a different podcast or group of podcasts might better suit your brand.

Navigating the Right Frequency

Achieving the right frequency is pivotal for a successful campaign. Podcast ads boast an impressive recall rate of up to 86%, and 33% of listeners rarely fast-forward or skip them entirely. This knowledge assures you that your podcast ads are a worthwhile investment.

Finding Your Share of Voice in Podcasting

To stay competitive, accurately gauge the impact of your ads by using the easy formula of SOV. This provides concrete success metrics such as brand recall and reach. Armed with this knowledge, your podcast buys and campaigns are more likely to deliver a positive ROI.

In the dynamic landscape of podcast advertising, understanding and optimizing your Share of Voice is the key to unlocking the full potential of your brand's impact. Stay ahead, stay engaged, and ensure your message resonates with your audience throughout the 2024 election year and beyond!

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