Market Enginuity doubles down on podcast advertising, creates Soundrise to power independent voices
Read our press release for the launch of Soundrise, a spinoff from Market Enginuity that connects podcasters with values-aligned sponsors to ensure creative independence and content diversity thrives.

November 1, 2022

New Spinoff Will Connect Podcasters with Values-Aligned Sponsors to Ensure Creative Independence and Content Diversity Thrives

Market Enginuity, the leader in mission-driven sponsorship sales for public media, today announced a new, separate, and complementary brand to dedicate more resources to the podcast industry. Soundrise extends Market Enginuity’s longtime tradition of connecting premium, independent voices with values-aligned sponsors so they can grow and thrive, with a specific focus on podcasting. The new company will deliver comprehensive sales, marketing, and operational infrastructure to support podcast creators, while preserving their creative independence and content diversity.

Soundrise is a spinoff of the Market Enginuity Podcast Group, a senior team of podcast advertising experts that has tripled in size over the past five years while successfully supporting PRX and podcasts distributed by the public media organization. From 2017-2022, the team generated approximately 55 percent annual growth in client revenue from podcast advertising sales.

“The podcast industry is becoming increasingly consolidated, often at the expense of creators’ independence. Soundrise offers marketers brand-safe premium audio while protecting creative freedom and creators’ independence – an uncommon pairing for most of the industry’s leading networks,” said Harry Clark, CEO of Soundrise. “The new Soundrise brand helps us stand out in the competitive digital audio landscape, to be louder and continue to grow opportunities for PRX and our other independent partners.”

“PRX has always been committed to independent voices and helping them grow and thrive. We believe in quality, privacy, independence, and creativity – and Soundrise is the perfect partner to ensure continued growth for our shows,” said Kerri Hoffman, President and CEO at PRX.

The spinoff also reflects a renewed commitment to the public media stations Market Enginuity represents. As separate brands under shared ownership, Soundrise will be dedicated to podcasting while Market Enginuity will continue to drive revenue for public media partners in local markets.

“It became clear that the resources and investments required to be most effective in serving our local and national partners needed to be different,” said Jim Taszarek, Market Enginuity Founder and CEO. “This move creates two separate and focused organizations that will unlock unique opportunities for our respective partners in the public media and podcast industries for years to come.

About Soundrise

Soundrise is the premier revenue-focused partner for mission-driven, independent podcasting, delivering dedicated sales and marketing to connect a diverse array of creative voices with values-aligned brands. A spinoff of the industry-leading sales team for public media at Market Enginuity, Soundrise is an alliance of non-profit and independent podcast networks, representing shows that open eyes, change perspectives, and shape worlds. Soundrise connects them with brands who celebrate creativity and innovation – offering marketers access to premium audio inventory at scale, while allowing unique storytellers to thrive in the competitive digital audio industry. To learn more visit

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