Engage citizens with open minds​ this election season
Promoting your brand through the election season is essential to stay top of mind in today's busy marketplace. With more listeners turning in to gain perspective and form opinions about candidates, Soundrise's slate of trusted current events podcasts will drive impact for your brand. Our latest blog post discusses the benefits of advertising in a political environment and highlights some of our award-winning shows in the sought-after news genre.

August 23, 2023

Often marketers shy away from running ads during the election season. Advertising costs increase, it’s harder to find strong time slots, and business ads fall second to political ads. But there are political programs that are ideal outlets for your organization’s marketing messages. Let’s explore options to help your brand increase awareness during this election season.

Podcast mania

Podcasts have taken on a life of their own. With a cult following who thirsts for knowledge, these programs have fans that are truly devoted. Finding the right podcast for your brand message, even during an election season, is readily accessible and cost-effective.

There are over 464.7 million podcast listeners across the globe. U.S. podcast listeners currently number around 183 million. That is a lot of dedicated listeners who want to know the latest. Such audiences are often filled with action-takers and influencers. These are the folks that you want to know and trust your brand.

The ideal political podcast for your brand

Listeners who may not always tune in to politically-themed podcasts do during election season. This equates to even more listeners hearing your host-read brand message. Moreover, you can fine-tune your target audience and ensure your message finds its way to intellectuals and influencers whose intentions align with your brand’s.

Civic-minded audiences tend to be more educated, well employed and proactive. In addition, they are more likely to react to brand messages they deem reputable. When your organization aligns with socially-conscious podcasts, those listeners associate your brand with purpose.

Powerhouse podcasts with impact

With misinformation rampant and trust in mass media lower than ever, trusted sources of news and information are critical to making informed decisions.​ During election season, listeners rely on fact-based programming to help guide their vote. Aligning with trusted programming builds positive brand perception among an influential audience listening to inform their perspective. ​Soundrise represents some of the most trusted current events podcasts, including:

Left, Right & Center, described as a “weekly civilized yet provocative confrontation over politics and pop culture”, has been on the airwaves since 1996. Three highly credentialed political analysts join host David Greene to discuss hot topics for the week. Because the analysts each represent right, left and center, each episode has a 2 for 1 verbal brawl. It’s engaging, entertaining and brings folks back for more. The podcast has over 350,000 monthly U.S. downloads, and is highly respected among trendsetters and action-takers.

The Lincoln Project podcast discusses today’s political challenges and opportunities – a positive vision for the future, and how all Americans can be part of ensuring our democracy remains strong for generations to come. Listeners include visionaries and leaders that want to facilitate positive change. Hosted by independent political strategist Reed Galen, The Lincoln Project boasts over 800,000 monthly U.S. downloads.

An award-winning podcast, The World crosses borders and time zones, connecting listeners to happenings around the globe and each other. It has even had segments highlighting music. Hosted by Emmy award-winner Marco Werman, this program broadcasts weekdays on 300 plus public radio stations and has 2.2 million monthly U.S. downloads.

Promoting your brand through the election season is essential to stay top of mind in today's busy marketplace. Sponsors benefit from a trust halo, the unique relationship and trust that audio listeners form with hosts and extend to advertisers of their favorite shows.​ The result: listeners see and appreciate your commitment to a more united nation.

Stay in the game

Soundrise can help you navigate the podcast ecosystem and curate a list of shows that will drive impact for your brand. Reach out to set up a consultation with one of our sales directors and start thinking about how your brand will connect during the busy political news cycle.

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